The future of A Film Club, and a big Thank You! / by Sian Parker

2018 has been an amazing year for A Film Club. There have been busy chats (one of which included an exchange with an award-winning Director!), a meet up in London and Edinburgh, AND we released our very own limited edition zine too. The zine has raised over £250 for Mind so far, and there are just under 50 left, so be sure to nab one before they are gone forever!

I have had a brilliant time working on all different aspects of the club. What started as a way to find other film bloggers, but grew into a blog and weekly chat, A Film Club became fundamental in my recovery from a debilitating patch of mental illness. It gave me something to focus on, a way to interact with people, and even a reason to leave the house.

AFC - ZINE 1.jpeg

My life has changed dramatically since I started the club in 2015/2016, and even more so in the past year. I am currently preparing and working towards a career change, but have found, as the sole person behind the club, that I am finding it increasingly difficult to manage on my own. I only want to give A Film Club my all, and, as this will not be feasible for the foreseeable future, I have decided to put the club, specifically the chats and blog submissions, on hold.

I will continue raising awareness for the zine, as well as working on Etsy sales in 2019, and, whilst I can’t make any promises right now, I would like to arrange some kind of meet or event/s again too. But, whatever form the club takes on, I am simply unable to work on other aspects of A Film Club alongside the other responsibilities I have right now… All we can do is see what the future brings!

I also want to take this time to thank every single one of you. Thank you to everyone who has joined in with our chats, tagged us on Twitter or used #afilmclub in their tweets, attended our meet ups, brought one of our stationery sets, and/or picked up one of our zines. The fact you have dedicated your time and spent your hard earned cash to support us (and, the mental healthy charity, Mind), is absolutely mind-blowing.

I can’t believe something that started as a list of film bloggers on my old Blogspot blog has evolved into this. I am endlessly grateful for it, and always will be. A Film Club would not exist without you.

Thank you for a wonderful few years, and I wish you all the best of luck in 2019.

Speak soon,

Creator of A Film Club