Meet The Members: Dominic of ThisIsTheDom / by Sian Parker

Meet The Members

Welcome to the third entry in our "Meet the Members" spotlight series. Through a bio and a few questions, we hope to give you a better insight into who our members are and why they love creating film content. So, without further ado... 


I am a Manchester-based self-proclaiming expert of action cinema, and postgraduate student at the University of Salford. Though trained to write academically, my preferred writing style is “conversationalist” as I feel both more connected to whatever I am writing about. I tend to write more about my personal thoughts on a film and analyse story events over style. The concept of mystery and exploring the unknown is what attracted me to film from such a young age – to questioning whether the hero will save the day to observing the intriguing VHS covers of my dad’s Cannon films.

If you could experience one scene for the first time again, which one would it be and why?
 The early scene in First Blood when Rambo escapes from the local jail. As the overly-harsh police offers get closer and closer to shaving Rambo, you just know something big is going to happen or kick-off. Just prior to the shaving blade approaching Rambo’s face, we’re presented to torturous flashbacks from the character’s days in Vietnam, thus drawing the parallels between the punishing he had received and what he is going to receive. When, of course, Rambo does fight back, you wonder how he is going to escape. How does Rambo escape? He attacks every police officer in his way, though each via a different attacking method, from one having a broken nose to another falling out of a window.

How many times have you been to the cinema to see the same film? What film was it, and why the repeated viewing? 
This is very, very rare for me. The only occurrence that I can recall is a 2003 viewing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. During a family trip to the cinema, my brother and dad watched a 15 certified film, whereas my mother and I were to watch a PG or 12A, and the only half-decent film on was the one year-old second Harry Potter film – watched it again, enjoyed it again.

You’re stuck in a room for 24 hours. You are allowed one film to watch, one soundtrack to listen to and one character to hang out with. What/who would you choose, and why? 
The film? Undefeatable – it’s probably my favourite “So bad, it’s good!” film, and Cynthia Rothrock classic. The soundtrack? The COMPLETE Dumb and Dumber soundtrack – I stress COMPLETE because the CD (annoyingly) doesn’t include all of the songs in the film, however, the much is so greatly chilled-out, soft, relaxing, and catchy. The character? Probably Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) from Blue Velvet – the guy is pants! High or not, whatever Mr. Booth says is both intriguing and overflowing of pure black comedy.

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