Hello 2018 / by Sian Parker

As January comes to an end, and we all settle into the new year, what better time to reintroduce ourselves to you!

A Film Club is an online-based space, for film lovers and related creators, to share their work and talk movies. We are 100+ members strong, and chat movies every week on Twitter. The topic of these chats range from general talk on genres, to single-film-focused conversations. Head on over to our Twitter to see what we'll be talking about next and to get involved.

After a brilliant 2017, I would love for A Film Club to do even more this year. I have worked alone on the club for over a year now, but as teamwork makes the dream work, the time has come to get as many people involved as possible. I would love for chats to be hosted, and any film-related questions to be submitted, by you, but I especially would like to utilise this website too.

The best way I can think to do this, is in the form of submissions. I am not looking for reviews, as many of our talented members have this covered, but am thinking about sharing blog posts in the form of...

  • In-depth think pieces
  • Essays and studies
  • Production tales or behind the scenes - tell us about your film and the lessons learned during its creation!
  • Technical or industry related articles
  • Personal accounts on education or work experiences, or tips on navigating either
  • Writing related to our monthly themes

... Or anything else within the same vein. At this point I am unable to provide any form of repayment for contributions, but if you are interested and would like to get involved in evolving this space, hosting a chat or submitting a chat question, please get in touch.

I hope your 2018 has started off on a high, and continues to be a fantastic year for you. Speak soon!


Creator of A Film Club