5 Tips for Joining in with an A Film Club Chat / by Alex Dewing

When it comes to Twitter chats, I like to think of myself as a bit of a Pro. Back when I first started blogging, I participated in the #UKYAChat; a chat all about UK Young Adult literature. I still throw my hand into every now and then, but where I really found my stride was with the #afilmclub chat.

As I have become more active in pursuing my love for film, the A Film Club space has been there for me to talk film, share my work, and make friends. With this in mind, I thought I would share my tips for making the most out of the chat!


Is this tip a little ridiculous? Possibly, but I have a memory like a sieve and have, more often than not, forgotten the start time of the chat and shown up late. I have then found myself sprinting through past questions and answers at Forrest-Gump-like speed.

I know I am not the only one like this, many of my friends and fellow chatters are the same, so set an alarm!


Most of us filmies have now discovered the brilliance of Letterboxd; a social media dedicated entirely to the films we watch, have watched, or simply want to watch.

Under the Films section you can find all the films you have added to your profile, which makes it the perfect companion to an A Film Club chat. Can’t think of a response to a question? Have a quick scroll, and BAM! You have your answer.


I had not heard of TweetDeck until it popped-up as a recommended site on Twitter one day, but I have never participated in a Twitter chat without it since.

Giving you the ability to divide your screen into columns of your choice, the site allows you to look at the #afilmclub feed, your mentions, and notifications all at once. It is truly a life saver!


This one comes from experience too. I get far too excited over a witty answer or an sudo-intellectual reply, and in my haste send off my tweet without the hashtag to get lost online. Then I have to waste time copying, deleting and pasting the original tweet, before adding in the hashtag and resending.

Using the hashtag makes it so much easier to see what everybody is talking about, and what films they are recommending, so make sure you do not do a ‘me’ and leave it off!


If you are following the chat and have something to say, say it!

The best thing about the #afilmclub chat is that it is a unique, and safe space to talk about a shared passion for film. We have differing opinions at times, and whilst we are not afraid to share them, as long as you are respectful, kind and polite the Twitter Chat will be right... What? No, Paddington didn’t say it first!

There is something so exciting about sitting down in front of a screen, often with a cup of tea to hand, to share in something you love, with people who love it too. Film is both an individual and communal thing, and the #afilmclub chat encapsulates that. And so, those were my tips. I hope to see you online soon!

The #afilmclub Twitter chat takes place every Thursday at 7pm (GMT/BST) right here.

This piece was written by Alex Dewing - you can find out more about Alex via their Twitter and Wordpress site, Alex Dewing.

A big personal thank you to Alex for penning this post, and sending it in out of the blue. I am so grateful to you, and everyone else, who takes the time to support A Film Club and the chat. It means the absolute world! - Sian, Creator of A Film Club