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Can anyone become a member of A Film Club? 
YES! Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times; YES! Please do! We would love for A Film Club to give film enthusiasts across the world a growing platform to share their film-related content, and connect with another easily. 

But I don't have a website or write about film though... 
Not a problem! If you love film and talking about it, we would still love for you to join A Film Club and in with our Twitter chats. Just leave the website segment of the submission form blank.

If you work on a film podcast or YouTube videos, make your own movies, or create any other film-related content, we would love to have you on board too! Please be sure to link us to your work in the website section.

What will my details be used for? 
Your first name, Twitter handle and website address will be included in our members gallery. This is so other A Film Club members, and visitors to our website, can find out more about you and your work. Your email address will be used as a direct point of contact with you when and if necessary - such as if there are changes to A Film Club that may affect you, callouts for contributors, or in order to retrieve an image of you for our members gallery.

If you have any other queries regarding becoming a member of A Film Club, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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